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    Handmade Inuksuk, Anorthosite with Labradorite crystals.
    Approx 3.5 "high
    2 available.

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  • Large ornamental handmade bootie by J. Shiwak, Rigolet
    Suitable for a car rearview mirror or a Christmas tree ornament.
    Real seal fur Bootie is approx 3" high
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  • Parka People What could be more Labradorian than a family of Park People?  For the winter months of the year traditional parkas are the dress of the traditional Labrador Family.  We never see the unhappy ones, because they are too cold to come out of their houses because they haven't got parkas yet!  Happiness is parka on a winters day. Approx 7.5" high Rabbit fur (coat trim) Seal skin (hair) Canada wide shipping cost: *Please choose Canada Small Packet Shipping Rate at checkout

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