Price may fluctuate based on availability of pelts

These incredible sealskin boots are definitely head-turners. They are sleek, modern, and can be worn casually or in more formal settings.

Sizing: These boots use european sizing, so orders should be in a size bigger than actual shoe size. (i.e. ladies who take a size 7 shoe need a size 8 (38) in the boots). Ladies who take half sizes often need to jump a full size up (i.e. ladies who take a 7.5 shoe often need a size 9 (39) in the boots).

Please note that actual shading and spots on the seal skin will vary.

This item cannot be shipped or brought to the USA.

While these boots are water repellant and will bead off regular snow and light rain, they are not waterproof.  We highly recommend our spray that will enhance their ability to repel water. You will find the spray here: